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Please take a few minutes to answer the following questions. Doing so will greatly assist us in helping you create a design specifically tailored to your individual tastes and preferences, while also ensuring that you receive the greatest value from your consultation.

Jesica Peyok - Flowers By Jes
Jesica Peyok, Owner
  • Horticultural Technician Certification
    Texas A & M 1999
  • Nursery/Floral Certificate of Registration
    Texas Department of Agriculture
  • 20 Years Experience & Customer Service
  • Design & creation to project completion

    If a question does not apply or you have no opinion at this time, you may leave it blank.

    PLEASE NOTE: In the interest of simplicity, we use the term “plant” or “plants” to refer to trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, grasses, etc…

    Native Plant GardenMeadow GardenJapanese GardenFormal Garden (structured)Cottage Garden (informal)Low Maintenance/XeriscapeMonochromatic (i.e. a White Garden)Rock GardenButterfly GardenWater GardenEvergreen GardenOther

    Formal and symmetricalUnstructured/asymmetricHigh density of plantsVery little ground showingIndividual plants isolated as specimens (distinct spacing between individual plants)Unique or unusual types of plantsYear-round interestHigh Color impact in summer (annuals)Modern Look (grasses, clean lines)Other

    Water FeatureHanging PlantersArbor (metal or wood)Playground EquipmentPergolaOutdoor Furniture (Dining / Seating)Trellis with vinesDecorative Border / EdgingWalkwaysCompost AreaPatioVegetable GardenWallsCutting GardenFencingOutdoor Fireplace/Fire PitWood DeckOutdoor Grill / KitchenRock GardenIrrigationStatuary / Yard ArtPoolLandscape LightingTree ServiceBirdbath / BirdhouseDog-Run AreaPlanters (ceramic, metal, clay)Winter WateringWindow BoxesGarden ClassesSeasonal /Annual PlantingGarden MaintenanceSnow RemovalOther

    Screening/PrivacyShadeNoise ControlChildrenPetsOther

    YesNoKind of

    Shade (2 hours or less direct sun per day, no afternoon sun)Partial Shade (Up to 4 hours of morning sun, no afternoon sun)Partial Sun (Full morning sun is fine, maximum 2 hours of afternoon sun)Full sun (Direct sun all day or full afternoon sun)




    YesRecondition Current SystemNo

    Please mark one or two items within each area of focus.

    ___ More Common Plant Varieties - readily available, faster growth in many cases, long history of performanceMore Uncommon Plant Varieties - unique, interesting, new varieties, in certain instances more difficult to find & estimateUse Native Plants whenever possible - good for our environment & wildlife, self-sustainable, in many instances are less showy or tidy due to lack of directed hybridization, sometimes more difficult to find in smaller sizesCreate a well-balanced mixed between the unique and the familiar, in essence letting personal interests in individual plants dictate the overall mix

    Mostly Evergreen Plants - more winter interest, less flowers, more consistent year-round appearance, lends a more formal appearance, many ornamental grasses provide winter interest as wellMostly Deciduous Plants - less winter interest, more spring/summer/fall appeal, spectacular flowers, lends a softer, more natural appearance, may seem barren in winterA mix of Evergreen and Deciduous Plants

    Plants primarily grown for their flowers - slightly higher maintenance in certain instances, long bloom time for many varietiesPlants primarily grown for their foliage – typically lower maintenance, flowers may be insignificant or non-existent, foliage color or texture is the primary aestheticA well-balanced mix of plants grown for their flowers and their foliage.

    Groundcover - lower long term maintenance, less water (many xeric options available), no mowingLawn - higher long term maintenance and cost (mowing, watering, fertilizing), suited for wide variety of activities

    Rock - longest life, wind and erosion proof, can be difficult to clear debris, difficult to add plantsWood mulch – numerous colors and textures to choose from, wind and erosion resistant, adds nutrients to soil and holds moisture. New layer is recommended every 1-2 yearsNo mulch - high likelihood of ongoing weed problems. Groundcover plantings or hardscape is recommended if no mulch is used.

    Rock/Stone edging - longest life, attractive, natural appearanceBenderboard edging – long life, composite, blends into the landscape, no sharp edges for little feet or pawsSteel edging - long life, simple, formal appearance, maintains clear boundaries between lawn and gardensNo edging - easiest to mow next to, must be redefined on an ongoing basis, may have issues with grass encroaching from adjacent lawn areas

    Incorporate natural rock into the landscape - attractive, natural appearance, provides additional interest between plantings groups/areas.No accent rocks - may seem barren in winter, can always be added in subsequent phases.







    Interested in container design and planting.Interested in colorful bulbs for spring interest and appeal.Interested in colorful annuals for summer interest and appeal.Interested in colorful perennials for fall interest and appeal.Interested in evergreen arrangements for winter/holiday interest and appeal.

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