Enriches the beauty of your property – with the benefit of improved drainage.

Create the illusion of a once-bubbling stream without the fuss. A dry creek bed adds interest and texture to areas of your landscape where plants might have difficulty thriving.

A dry creek bed is more than simply a ditch with rocks in it. It mimics the movement of water and how it meanders its way around and over stones of varying sizes.

Whether you are trying to divert drainage, stop erosion, or just want to add a stylish feature to your property, this landscape feature is easier to build than it looks.

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Does the front of your home look more like a barren wasteland or an overgrown jungle? An attractive view from the street can help sell your home and increase your property values as well as the neighborhood’s value.

Factors include the exterior of the home, the landscaping, outdoor fixtures, sidewalks, and the driveway. Refreshing the greenery and adding color accents can help make it look more inviting. 

When thinking of an overall plan to attack the outside of your home, whether painting trim, adding flowers boxes, or landscaping the yard, don’t be shy and go for some pops of color and other interesting architectural flourishes that will make your home stand out and be more noticeable from the street.

SELLING A HOME? Curb appeal is always one of the most important pieces of the home sale puzzle. The main draw to buyers when first laying eyes on your soon-to-be-sold home is the “curb appeal,” or to define to this industry parlance – how it looks from the street. A buyer has to cross the curb to get in!

Wet and damp spots in your yard are both a nuisance and an eyesore. Also, grass will die if it’s underwater for too long. You can’t mow over wet areas, and everyone tracks mud into the house. If the soggy area is close to your house, it can cause your basement to leak, or worse.


There can be several options to improve drainage, while landscaping options near the house can create a basin for water.

  • French Drain
  • Extending the downspout
  • Construct a creek bed
  • Build a rain garden

We look forward to talking with you about your landscape ideas, unique needs and goals. We serve both residential and commercial properties in Longview/Tyler, TX and the surrounding communities.

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